Apple’s watch is a winner (as they’ve done before!).


I mention this first, as it’s important to know what makes them different and what makes them equal in order for you to judge whether this is the right product for you.  My goal is to help you the reader.  This claim isn’t just my opinion, you can see this for yourself in their keynote talk, shouting about being able to make a call from you wrist – this has been done many times and many years prior to Apple! So…


My understanding is Apple have never created any of their markets per se; they’ve just popularised them (/made mainstream) by introducing better U/I (simplicity largely).  EG. I had MP3 players (namely Creative Labs and Archos) well before Apple launched their iPod . I had a touchscreen phone (Sony Ericson & HTC) well before Apple launched their iPhone.


Apple’s ‘pull’ has usually been: 1.Looks and 2.Usability (innovatively so) … so perhaps we need to understand reviews of how Apple’s Watch feels & looks compared to others already on the market – as that’s where Apple came into their own with both iPod and iPhone. ie.If they’re significantly easier to use and look cooler then they’ll win the popularity contest – even if the functionality is less than competitors!

WATCH APPLE’s VIDEO – They’ve done it again!

My guess is they will get the success they are historically used to with this Apple Watch product – if you watch Apple’s Keynote talk by CEO Tim Cook (jumps to 52mins exactly to see the ‘Watch’ part), in my opinion they are laying claim to what is already out there in some shape or form and has been for years – however, they’ve made it attractive – Gorgeous looks and Innovative on the Usability front.


  1. Looks lovely and not geeky
    (inkeeping with the ‘pull’ for previous Apple Products iPhone etc).
  2. Lovely customisation options for Clock Face – including mickey mouse which will introduce more happiness to your life when you look and when others see it too.
    (I was a little surprised by this and the customisation feature is more than they’ve done before for other personal products like iPhone iPod etc).
  3. U/I Innovation – namely their ‘Digital Touch’ and their new ‘Crown’ (control knob).


Apple’s Keynote talker shouts about a few things which is not new…

  • ‘Being able to make & receive calls on your phone’ – this is only new for Apple but not a new thing for the world.  Personally, I’d feel embarrassed to shout about this as being some new big thing I’ve created – when factually other’s have already achieved this years before hand.  Apple should shout more about how they’ve done it differently and less about WHAT THEY’VE DONE (especially if the ‘what they’ve done’ is nothing new).
  • ‘Pay for goods by placing your phone near instore tap-to-pay devices’ – This is a fairly new thing for watches; but in the UK we’ve had tap-to-pay bank cards and devices since around 2012 and in other existing smartphones since c.2013/14.
  • ‘Monitor your exercise’ – there are many apps that have done this for years. Perhaps the watch is more accurate; I don’t know.

£10,000+ Apple Watch – A HOLISTIC MARKETING

Whilst it’ll be interesting to see how Apple’s £10k Watch fairs in it’s own right amongst the age old luxury watch market – I suspect the £10k watch’s role is more so part of a holistic marketing strategy ie.Not so much a serious attempt to gain market share of the ‘luxury watch’ sector

I suspect ‘a few’ aspects in Apple’s ‘Watch Marketing Strategy’ surely must consist of: 1.To amplify the Watch launch PR on the whole  2.To strengthen Apple’s ever ‘premium price point’; this time for their entry level watches (Apple’s sales mantra has always been to capture the masses)  3.For Apple’s watch to stand our from the crowd of geeky alternatives (no other wearable tech alternate has made a high-end luxury version).   4.A few celebs here & there may well purchase, endorse or become a catalyst for the iWatch(as it were) movement.

What do you think?  Please comment below…

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