How to use QR codes – Are QR codes dead?

QR Codes for marketing. How to use them, Will it work for you – and is it worth it?

In a nutshell… don’t bother! (Certainly best advice as of January 2016). I say this as, until QR codes become default/built-in for smartphones, then it’s likely a dead marketing gimmick – as with everything in marketing, it has it’s place or use, but on this occasion, QR codes have very limited marketing value for most businesses.

Solution: I mention better alternatives further down this page …

How QR Codes will likely benefit you …

  1. If the onlookers don’t use(scan) your QR code – It might, at least, make them feel you’re a forward thinking company.
  2. If they do bother to scan your QR code – it ‘can’ capture them as a lead for you (IF THE RIGHT STRATEGY IS IN PLACE).

Why QR codes likely won’t work for you …

… the visitor/prospect needs to do the following …

  1. Get out their phone.
  2. Find their phone’s QR Code reader (assuming they’ve downloaded one before).
  3. Search for that QR code app they downloaded one time (the name of which probably escapes them).
  4. Realize that they deleted that app ages ago because they never used it.
  5. Go to their app store/google play, search for and download a new free QR Code reader.
  6. Once installed, launch the app and wait for the camera to initiate.
  7. Hold their phone up to QR Code.
  8. Wait for QR code’s command (you’ve given it) to kick in (eg.browser to launch or contact to open).

SO, two better solutions for you …

  1. Give a short URL (simple and works well).
    … eg.Onlookers/Passers-by can be enticed to leave their details at
    … which ‘forwards them’ to a specific web page (you’ve created); with a time limited discount/offer which captures their details to qualify.
  2. Or an NFC tag (tap-to-do) – only widely used by phone’s other than Apple right now though
    1. For the last year, I’ve been programming NFC tags for various businesses.
      … eg. Coding thumb sized electronic stickers onto Menu’s for my Client’s Restaurants.
    2. What you could do …
      … have prospects tap-their-phone on these stickers (your business card, flyer etc).

How are you using/used QR codes?  Give a comment below for more advice – I’d love to hear your thoughts.  🙂

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