How to grow your business (without a magic pill)

Ok, the inspiration for this post may seem a little cliché or even immature. Regardless, I’m running with my gut Instinct …


… is what I nearly named this article.  Let me explain …

I’ve just watched the film ‘Limitless’ (be are with me) for a second time, I first watched it in 2013; 2 years after its release.  If you’ve not seen it I highly suggest you do. And if you have seen it, watch it again and humour me, make some comparisons to yourself and/or your own business – actually I’d love you too share them in your comments further below!

I guarantee you’ll notice at least 1 or 2 similarities to your life / business.

On my 2nd viewing, I’ve realised how we all have different personal obstacles in running our life and/or our business (let alone growing it).

Fortunately, one problem I don’t share with the character in this film is: putting off my work, leaving my home office and turning to drink at the pub.  However I am guilty of putting off my work sometimes; we all are. Specifically for me, putting off the less exciting work, that is, the tasks that address ‘my own’ issues/business.

You see, I love helping others; other business owners. But I’m aware I (too often) use that as my excuse to not help myself or my own business.

If you’ve ever had NLP sessions (Nuro Linguistic Programming) or even just had a business coach or attended Entrepreneur type seminars, you’ll have learnt perhaps that you too are guilty of putting off certain tasks.

Along my long journey of self-discovery / improvement, a few things resonated with me and chances they’ll help you too…
1.Don’t Self-sabotage
2.Know your motivators .
3.Get a system (paper or software; doesn’t matter).

Silly as it may sound, I’ve developed a Task Prioritisation tool to help myself and it’s been a long standing goal of mine to help the masses with my realisations (staying with you), to not only prioritise, but to remind you or even convince you of what task to do first and what difference that might make; helping you ‘Realise & Visualise’ your resulting reality.

You see, I’ve come to realise lack of visual path plays a key part in why we (the majority of us at least) don’t perform as efficiently as we could.

Despite many years (since 1996) of helping many types of businesses, business owners and decision makers, it’s only since setting up my own business in 2008 that I’ve come to realise I (we) need visuals and justifications to help us ‘efficiently’ get things ‘progressed’ – CRM’s don’t do this and never do Project Management tools.

Now I appreciate you might not be like me, and that we all have different mindsets, natural tendancies and abilities (eg.See Myers Briggs Personality Profiling), however, here’s why this post WILL likely will help you … I’ve realised just how much my visualisation of projects and action plans very much helps every business owner / decision maker I come across – staying with myself.

It seems to be THE key reason that we struggle to move forward with ‘things’, or the reason that what we’re doing isn’t working too well eg.Many take a stab at their Marketing yet don’t know what’s working or what to do about it. …  My visuals help them get clarity but more so Visualise what might work and why.

I’d like to share/launch my formulae here soon. So if you’d like to be included and would like to try my suggested tools(at no cost), do leave a comment below or private message me with what you’d like help with; it could be anything from personal life to business life etc. … Simply let me know and I’ll do my best to shine some light for you via the visual tools I successfully use for myself and Clients.

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