How to to increase the frequency of your blog posts and drafts.

Here’s a quick tip if you’d like to increase your publishing ease, speed and/or frequency.  Whilst I’m using my WordPress Site in this example, you can achieve the same for whichever website you have, the key is installing LastPass Browser extension!


(Having tried various browser extension & add-ons)

If you want to increase the likely-hood of your drafting (or publishing) blog/page posts more frequently I settled for neither and use the following instead, and may I suggest you do the same …

  1. Create a ‘Bookmark/Shortcut’
    … in your Bookmarks bar which goes straight to ‘Create New Post’ or ‘Create Page’ or one for each; whichever you prefer.
    eg. or
  2. Get an auto-login plugin/extension
    … I use LastPass Browser extension to auto log me in.
    (I used to use the free version but now premium only costs around £10 per annum)

All the features you may want eg.’Save as Draft’, ‘Publish to Social’, ‘Create Categories’ – everything you’re used to from WordPress.


… for my liking anyway, to put my finger on it, the core issue is: The absence of configure ability to show the options that suit me at time pof publishing or drafting. For example: I often like to create a draft post as and when it springs to mind, many extensions don’t cater for this.

More inconvenience = less likely-hood to use.

I understand the aim of extensions are to keep it simple, but even simplicity needs to have considered the detail and make it easy for the user.

Comment below if you’d either like my thoughts on something, or just to have your say on the above.

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