Succinct example of Microsoft’s annoyances

Succinctly put: Microsoft STILL don’t put you first.

This may sound like a rant; but it’s not. You and I can take a lesson from Microsoft’s lack of attention to detail.¬†the user. Simply: Lead your project/s ‘ALWAYS’ with the user first & foremost.

Here’s my experience or short story of upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 10 just now… In my case, I made the leap to Windows 10 simply because I had heared more positive than negative ie.Windows 10 is faster than their previous versions and better UX design (User Experience).

But!! … there’s evidence Microsoft STILL don’t put the user first. ¬†Here’s the little tell-tale sign they still aren’t as clever as they think they are (not that I think I’m cleverer, I just expect more from this giant)

Upon my upgrade, my first annoyance comes…

Whilst checking various apps to see if they still work ie.Photoshop CS6 etc, I get to Chrome Browser; which is the KEY cog in my daily workings … and here’s what Chrome tells me…
“Chrome isn’t your default browser.” ¬†– that same bloody age old trick from Microsoft! Forcing their defaults upon people is not the way to go. ¬†I don’t care WHAT their reasons are; it’s just not good enough.

A few things this tells us about Microsoft; still in this day and age …

  1. Their Branding Team are not as in-sync with their Dev Team as they could be and should be…
    1. Their Branding/Marketing team should have agreed a plan with their Dev Team along the following lines:
      “Let’s make this update ALL about the user, let’s epitomise that in some clear NEW UX(User Experience) points, and then we’ll capitalise on this true achievement by shouting about it as our core mission with Windows 10.”
    2. That ‘Shouting’ aspect could go something like this: Across all their Marketing Channels (TV, WEB etc)…
      a) Emphasise how selfless we’ve been eg.Preserving (or at least asking) about your ‘desired non-MS Defaults’ 3rd party providers eg.Google’s Chrome.
      b) Emphasise how we’ve given you clear configuration options, pre-install + post-install.
      c) Emphasise which top-most points of user feedback their New Windows 10 is based upon.
  2. Lack of transparency on semi-locking user into MS products & services…
    … MS should have communicated far better (for my liking anyway), to the wider audience (the lesser informed like you & I), transparency on their real business reasons for our FREE upgrade… I suspect some of these true reasons are as follows …

    1. MS realised Windows 8 etc didn’t connect Microsoft’s Store too well (compared with Google’s OS’s like Android or Apple’s OS’s etc) – Windows 10 improves upon this and no doubt will grow their database of MS Store Customers.
    2. MS took liberty in forcing users to default back to MS Browser and Apps (eg. internet usage, photo galleries, email etc).
    3. MS have also pushed Cloud Storage very much so, compared with previous versions.

All the above said, day 1 of my upgrade seems swifter than expected and I can’t really argue with all this being free to me. ¬†It just saddens me, perhaps because I work in marketing, that they’ve yet again forced things upon the user that I’d have got a good telling off for back in my university days studying Design for User Experience aka.UX, UI, Cognitive Design, Marketing etc.
РMicrosoft should do know better than most companies out there how branding & marketing are increasingly a key cog in the success if integrated with their other ( departments and business models.

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