How Google snub Small Businesses by removing right hand-side ads.


Personally, I find Google’s decision to remove their ‘right-hand side ads’ sad, as I suspect this ruling has just cut out micro businesses and Small Businesses.  TIP: So now, if you’re a small business, you need to realistically have a budget of above £300pcm (ideally £500+ per month) in order to get sales.

Also, it’s going to force you (the smaller budget business) to explore other Marketing avenues like AdWords’ Display/Banner avenue (hard work), or more likely Facebook Ads etc (easier & more effective option).

I’m pretty certain it’s a wrong move by Google for lots of reasons; including but not limited to …

  • Alternative: ‘improve’ the ‘right column ads’
    … they could have instead made the ‘right AdWords column’ or even ‘the top section of ads’ designated for local relevance ads, for example favouring locals with reviews/stars.
    … such an enhancement would help the searcher find their ideal product/service,
    … that way AdWords wouldn’t hand over so many small budget businesses to likes of Facebook Ads.
    … and would increase Google’s revenue and PR / brand (“in the long run” as Rowan says) due to their display of caring for local communities and small businesses.

So why has Google done this?  I suspect it’s less to do with their claimed ‘low engagement’ stats for said right column (though I’m sure that exists) and more to do with commercial motivations and/or business modelling.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Google advocate but also a realist…  This will likely reduce the sheer amount of Small Advertiser accounts for Google to have to support (streamlining the Support overheads).  It will also hike up the bidding war for the top spots (streamlining ad revenue).

First and foremost I’m certain this change will come… Google will address the currently resulting  issue of ‘natural results being shoved to below the fold’ – Google have long recognised the importance of ‘helping their user get to what they need as quickly as possible’ (see attached pic) – and ads are not the route to sustain that UX goal for Google.

Do comment and let me know your thoughts! 🙂

Steve Walters
Small Business Helper, UK.

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