Fix – Installing Xmarks can remove your Chrome & Firefox bookmarks


Upon installing xmarks Chrome extension, I’ve lost all my Bookmarks that used to be inside Chrome on my laptop. The very same thing has happened within Firefox upon my installation of the xmarks Firefox Plugin.

Fix for Xmarks lost Chrome & Firefox Bookmarks

I’ve e-mailed (you could too!) in line with advice from their Facebook instruction.

Follow this page (Efficienate) to automajically get alerted once I’ve updated this page with my tried & tested fix (as soon as I have one).

Alternative to Xmarks

I suspect, due to the quantity of complaints and issues visible on xmarks Facebook page that it’s likely no longer anywhere near the best bookmark synch tool!

So, I will post my suggestion here once I’ve tried, tested and concluded with the best all round usable alternative – Follow this page (Efficienate) to automajically get alerted once I’ve updated this page.


Graham Norton clips of comical mad American Fitness Expert Personal Trainer Craig Ramsey

Okay, this comical American Fitness Expert Craig Riley has made it into my Efficienate Blog for good reason…

  1. Craig’s ‘5-minute workouts’, whilst entertaining, shares synergy with the our Blog theme of ‘Life Efficiencies’.
  2. It reminded me of one of our own comical Personal Trainer Client (and they could choose to get some creative ideas from this post).
  3. This post gives you insight as to the kind of humour and personality behind this Blog (albeit a lesser aspect to our Blog’s personality; byut required never the less).

Comical Video Clips of Craig Riley…

 Sources & Acknowledgements…!5-min-workout/cq4l



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