Helping; through Blogging

Providing TIPs aimed at helping you.

This Blog targets:

  • Anyone & everyone (the public, family, friends)
  • Business Owners (& those in charge of Business Marketing)
  • so, my Blog targets (& hopes to help) you.

My Blog Topics…

In short, simply look at the Categories, but as my Blog’s strap-line suggests…

“this Blog aims to not only observe but address life’s efficiencies, insufficiencies and deliver fixes for such.”

From topics that affect your Day to Day Living, the Digital effects on your Life to subjects that all to often remain in the business world but influence all our lives – such as Work Life BalanceCommunication Methods, Google or even Web Marketing (yes the latter does affect our lives more than you may think).

My Intent or Purpose of Posts…

In most cases, I’ll try to make those fixes instant (via this Blog), in some cases the Blog post will simply offer advice and ideas, though, there may be a few cases where my Blog is just a rant about an inefficiency most of us have come across at some point in time. Some of the Blog Posts may be little more than tedious observations and almost insignificant to many’s lives, though some posts may make a big difference to many people’s lives; perhaps yours? 

  • Like many… I’m frustrated at witnessing the inefficiencies/insufficiencies found in every-day life.
  • Though perhaps unlike many… I am intrigued by ‘the detail’ and ‘the challenge’ one might take to resolve such via the most efficient route.


… intrigued by detail & efficiency (and in that order too). 🙂

My Mindset

Detail and efficiency drives much of my approach to projects – I’ve learnt my mindset has it’s pro’s and con’s, as with all mindsets I guess – just try to become mindful.  🙂

My mindset means that once a project is complete it’s pretty well thought out and built on much research, though equally my own  productivity can suffer at times.  So, striking the right balance requires discipline and habitualisation. I crave efficiency so much, I Google’d ‘How to define & structure your Blog’.

And on that note, here’s my first tip…

I’ve learnt from theory and practice that:

the first step to achieving anything is ‘to START IT and ANNOUNCE IT to someone other than yourself’.

If like me you are both blessed and cursed with: Attention to DetailLogicOrder and Wanting to help the world (no really; cliché/cheesy to some; I know), then your first goal is to learn to strike a balance.

  1. Discipline yourself to getting your goal started,
  2. and launch it in a state less than what you’d like it to have been.

Why tell someone about your projects & ideas?

If like me, your desire is arguably already challenged by your natural tendency to think and plan, and in so much detail, then often your ideas likely never make it out of your own head. So, making yourself (& your ideas) accountable to someone really helps your ideas progress – I’ve many ‘draft web posts’ hidden away ready and waiting for me to refine until I’m comfortable to publicise.


…helping others (Business Owners, Charities etc).

I only mention my business here by way of explaining the reason for some of my Blog Posts consisting of Diagrams, Strategy, Guides etc. In short, my business aim is:  To help others largely via consultation and in a manner that provides flexibility to my family life.

My Roles



I am a:

  • Family Man
  • Business Owner
  • DIY Homeowner
I am still a:

  • Family Man
  • Business Owner
  • DIY Homeowner


Consider this: Everything you learn (even approach and mindset), be it during your working life or your personal life, are lessons which you can should apply to all aspects of your life. And more importantly, are skills that you can use to benefit those in your working world and your family world. So, I choose to never completely switch-off from work, largely because I intentionally aim to never switch-off from my family.   Not clear on my hypothesis?  I am increasingly convinced that if I really really want to, I can achieve a good income in a way which complements a lifestyle involving those most important to me – my wife and children. Watch this space!

Understand YOUR 6 basic human needs

Apparently, all human motivation is directed by the drive to meet 6 basic human needs and of those 6 we have a natural tendency towards 2  I’ve learnt that my top 2 drivers are the underlined…

  1. Contribution (contribute to something beyond yourself)
  2. Love & Connection (loved & connected to others)
  3. Certainty (Feeling Safe & Comfortable) I like to feel safe & comfortable, however, am a glass half-full kind of guy.
  4. Growth (able to develop & expand) I am comfortable in the knowledge that I continue to develop & expand in many areas of my life.
  5. Variety (Physical & Mental Stimulation) Physical & Mental Stimulation I get on a daily basis, however variety in life doesn’t affect me much.
  6. Significance (Need to feel special & worthy of attention) I’m least motivated by others thinking I’m special nor am I remotely needy of their attention, though interestingly,  I feel this this basic need may well be key to business growth.
To elaborate, my 2 basic needs of Family and Helping Others (, I feel satisfies 90% of my life/motivational needs.
Family, my most treasured achievement, is my biggest comfort and purpose in life.  I live for my family, everything else revolves around this.  I recognise that the extent of my approach can cause it’s own challenges with my business life. Though, I believe I can make ‘business’ fall-in and around this core need of mine – I strive for such on a daily basis.


If I had to rate both right now (April 2013), I’d rate My Enjoyment as 70%  vs.  Success being around 50%. I’m sure you may place a very different rating if my life was yours. I’d say I’ve taken this ‘realisation and adopted mindset’ to new personal levels since 2010 and more so since my following first-hand experiences:

  • renovating our property,
  • getting married,
  • having children
  • and starting a business

I can genuinely say I ENJOY each of those four parts of my life; whilst each of them also bring challenges and problems.

DISAGREE? (…with any of the above)

I’d love to hear from you – Simply comment (below) or Get in touch, however, with any luck on my part… this Blog may just help/convince you otherwise- ha!

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